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Indianapolis Chapter of the National Medical Association.  Serving the Indianapolis area for more than 100 years.


MISSION of the Aesculapian Medical Society

To advance the art and science of medicine for people of African descent, through education, advocacy, and health policy in order to promote health and wellness, eliminate health disparities, and sustain physician viability.


The AMS strives to get it right and needs to hear from you. So come on out, or click in, to either an in-person or virtual AMS meeting, usually held on the second Tuesday every month (except in July and August). Look in your email inbox for a monthly reminder with the meeting time, place and agenda.  The AMS looks forward to seeing you!


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Over a century ago, the Aesculapian Medical Society (AMS) was created by astute healthcare providers of African descent, who understood that their collective voice was the most powerful way to affect positive change. Throughout the years, AMS physicians have realized many benefits of having our own professional organization. These uplifting benefits include: regular meetings of physicians, and future physicians, of African descent — even with opportunities to rub elbows with many of Indiana’s physician leaders who are AMS members; planning strategies to fulfill the AMS mission; reinforcing the AMS alliance with the NMA; promoting pertinent articles, conventions, and CME; networking; encouraging mentoring and paying it forward; inviting input from AMS members and friends … and the list goes on.


The Aesculapian Medical Society can only continue to be the organization where you can be assured you are welcomed and respected, if you join us at monthly meetings, either in-person or virtually. Please check your email before the second Tuesday of the month, then enter ‘AMS meeting’ on your calendar. Those who have other commitments during meeting times are encouraged to read the monthly minutes and reach out via email to provide valuable feedback. 


Looking forward to seeing you!

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